About Me

What means makeup to you?
Makeup presents art for me. It is relax, fun and work all together. Makeup is a way of expressing my self.

Who inspires you?
Everyday I look at the internet and I follow my favourite worldwide makeup artists, makeup brands and designers that inspire me. My favourites are Violette_fr she is Estée Lauder global beauty director, influencer and hudge visionare. I do like very much british makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury. Her story and brand filosophy is very inspiring. I have to mention Pat McGrath who is best makeup artist in the world I would say. She leads her team on each Fashion Week in the world and her work is just amazing. But my inspiration doesn’t belong only to makeup topic. There are people who follow their dreams and are ambitious and humble and they gain success because they do all the hard work with love and joy. That is really valuable.

I wish one thing for women to understand about makeup. What it would be?
My favourite motto is: “Less is more.”
We women should treat ourselves and take care of our beauty. Both of them – inner and outer. It is individual, each woman has favourite colour, brand, products etc. Basically it’s important women should enjoy the feeling to be beautiful. When we love ourseves the world feels it.

What are the trends in makeup?
Fresh skin. Nowadays it’s more and more popular to use skincare products, to moisture skin and do the steps daily. Women also focus often on their eyebrows, red lips and eyeliner … these are favourite trends that will never get fade.

When you say beauty …?
Each of us see the beauty in different way in different things. The truth is If we are satisfied and we are happy with ourselves everybody can see it and feel it. Beauty for me is about selfconfidence.